Titanic Expedition Photo Gallery

"Living rock" of carbonate pinnacle.
Lost City Vent Zone.
Depth: 0.7 mile (2003)

A sand city that looks hauntingly like the "Lost City" vent zone created by the Pellegrino genetic experiments.
(Long Island 2003)

Deep Rovers 1 & 2
Expedition: Extreme Life
"Are we the world's best equipped outlaw biker gang, or what?"

Best commute to work on the planet.
Charles Pellegrino being helped into the Mir - 1. (2003)

"Lost City" vent zone. (2003)
Europa project NASA crew (shuttle crew) seeing Pellegrino off in Mir.
"Were sending Pellegrino down today because he's finally reached the point in the mission where he can be more annoying up here than down there." James Cameron.

Bill Paxton looking on with disgust as Pellegrino does zinc taste test on rusticle recovered from "Titanic" by robot 'Elwood'.
Also looking on James Cameron and 'bot engineers. (Sept 2001)

Launch of deep rover 1 (2003)

On Sept 11, 2001, during the 'Ghosts of the Abyss' expedition, a Russian and American crew (including Pellegrino) were at the Titanic. Up to that moment the remnants of the cold war still divided the two crews. By the time the submersibles returned to the surface that day, the two crews were not only one - they had become family. In October 2001 Pellegrino returned from forensic physics at the Titanic, to forensic physics at Ground Zero. This flag traveled every visit to Ground Zero alongside Pellegrino's father's American flag. In 2003 the two crews returned to the Titanic to work together again, vowing that no matter what disagreements their governments experienced, aboard the good ship "Keldysh" they would always be family. On August 18th, 2003 during expedition 'Extreme Life', Pellegrino presented the crew of research vessel "Keldysh" with the Russian Ground Zero flag. - signed by FDNY and forensic physics team.