The Passengers: To your scattered fates, Go

The tragedy that occurred on (and around) this ill fated ship is legend. Not nearly so well-known are the actual stories of the passengers, the crew, and the explorers of the legend. Presented here, for the first time, are the letters, diaries, and interviews of the real people who were part of the history – some of whom have become legends in their own right, many of whom have disappeared into obscurity.

All proceeds from this E-Book companion to Walter Lord’s and Charles Pellegrino’s Titanic books are donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease Research, in honor of Walter Lord.

Chapter one: Edith Russell

Chapter two: Mrs. Harris

Chapter three: Marjorie Robb

Chapter four: Ellen Mary Walker

Chapter five: Hugh Woolner

Chapter six: Astor, Strauss and Futrelle

Chapter seven: Helen Candee

Chapter eight: R. N. Williams II

Chapter nine: Spencer V. Silverthorne

Chapters in preparation

The Countess Rothes

Richard Norris Williams II

Anna Sjoblom Kingaid

Katherine Gilgnah Manning



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